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Speaking in Code - are we ready for Big Data and People Analytics?

Posted Date: 10/10/14 13:38

RSG Director Adam Meadows isn’t quite sure…

A recent BBC article on the benefits of big data and social profiling in the recruitment process really got me thinking about what this brave new future holds for all involved when selecting the right people for the right job.

‘The cart has at last caught up with the horse’; great news for job seekers in August’s Labour Market Statistics

Posted Date: 08/10/14 10:24

Bristol, the home of Sanderson’s head office, is the 10th best city in the UK to find a job, according to the Staffing Industry Analysts. With 0.48 job seekers per vacancy, Bristol is one of the most independent and stable cities outside of London.

High Risk, High Reward (Part 2): the challenges and potential solutions for flexible workers

Posted Date: 26/09/14 13:27


Read the first instalment “High Risk, High Reward (Part 1): 5 reasons people are choosing temporary work” here.

The UK labour market has experienced a structural change; flexible working is here to stay with freelancers, contractors and agency workers contributing to an increasing percentage of the modern workforce. ​We have already explored workers' motivations for this kind of work, and it is important to consider the pitfalls, risks and challenges of electing to bypass traditional permanent employment. 

The ‘No’ vote doesn't mean no change.

Posted Date: 19/09/14 16:03

It’s business as usual as a sense of relief washes over the UK PLC. The Financial Services sector is particularly reassured, as it will now be spared a bank run, the difficulty of adapting to trading in different currencies, the loss of the big corporates’ headquarters back below Hadrian’s Wall and a loss of faith in the pound from foreign investors. But the UK must not mistake relief for a sense of anti-climax; this decision will mean change.

Scottish Independence; what could it mean for the UK job market?

Posted Date: 15/09/14 10:53

The outcome of the Scottish referendum is becoming less and less predictable, but either way there will be an impact on the job market which we would be wise to prepare for. Scotland is the best performing of the four UK nations in unemployment rates. If Scotland votes ‘No’, then we will keep the 1 in 10 Scottish jobs linked to trade in the UK, that’s ‘nearly 1 million Scottish jobs’ which are closely woven into the fabric of the UK’s labour economy. But what impact would the unravelling of this relationship have on the UK job market?

The ‘highest hiring optimism in Europe’; the UK’s Labour Market in July 2014

Posted Date: 04/09/14 10:21

The height of summer is always tricky for business and subsequently, the labour market; lots of people are on annual leave and profitability inevitably slows, but in the recruitment industry huge rises in permanent recruitment and in temporary placements in Social Work and Finance & Accounting totally defy this.

Fish Where The Fish Are (Part 2); 3 principles for managing your company's LinkedIn page

Posted Date: 19/08/14 14:59

In Part 1 of this blog series we established the importance of a company LinkedIn page; now, we can create implementation guidelines to ensure it is being optimised. As a general rule, your profile should produce relevant and interesting content that rewards followers for connecting with you. Adhering to the following 3 principles will hopefully aid you in maximising the effectiveness of your LinkedIn activity:

High Risk, High Reward (Part 1): 5 reasons people are choosing temporary work

Posted Date: 15/08/14 11:14

The landscape of the employment market is changing. As more people become freelancers, contractors and agency workers, job security becomes less of a priority. According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) 2014 report, 36% of people have been temporarily employed at some point and 1.7 million currently work this way. So what is attracting people to this dynamic lifestyle?

Evolution or Revolution? The acceleration of the ‘service economy’

Posted Date: 08/08/14 09:14

Following the longest economic depression in British history, the UK economy is now recovering with a growth of 0.2% since the crisis began in 2008. But who do we have to thank for this long awaited rescue? Research suggests a marked post-war swing in economic power from manufacturing to services (The Guardian), but have the depression years accelerated the shift?

IT skills gap set to soar; handling June 2014’s Labour Market Statistics

Posted Date: 06/08/14 10:19

With UK output finally back above its pre-crisis levels, the market place is decidedly more confident. This will hopefully set the tone for a productive few months for UK jobseekers and recruiters.

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