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RSG Director Nick Walrond reviews APSCo’s manifesto before the General Election

Posted Date: 04/03/15 16:27

In its recent manifesto, ‘Accessing Professional Talent in a Global Market’, APSCo calls for a number of what I consider to be ‘common sense’ solutions, which could significantly shape the future jobs market.

It's time to walk the walk on gender equality

Posted Date: 26/02/15 09:40

RSG Director Adam Meadows says that new CIPD findings on lack of diversity shows how much still needs to be done to help women achieve career goals.

The CIPD’s report Gender Diversity in the Boardroom launched yesterday, and demonstrates how much business is letting women down; not just at senior level, but across the workplace in general.

Why you never forget a good line manager

Posted In: Management

Posted Date: 18/02/15 11:06

Written by Richard Roberts (Employee Engagement Specialist and Employer Branding Expert).

You might recall an advertising campaign from a few years back. It was to encourage people to take up teaching - using the headline “No one forgets a good teacher” with famous figures describing the impact inspiring teachers made on their school days. It was a hugely emotive campaign - we can all remember a good teacher and the positive effect they had on our motivation, confidence and future development. After all, aren’t teachers our first experience of ‘people’ managers?

Employment Law; the three major changes you need to know about

Posted Date: 10/02/15 14:59

Jobseekers and employers alike must keep an eye on the laws which shape their working lives. The problem is that for most of us, laws tend to be written in a different language! We’ve tried to make sense of these three important changes in Employment Law, so you don’t have to.

The past…

Back in April 2014, regulations on the treatment of workers supplied by agencies underwent change.

If a worker is supplied to their end user by an agency, then it is up to the agency to account for tax and National Insurance Contributions. They must report to HMRC if the worker is not on the payroll of any other person, and must declare any workers from whom tax has not been deducted and the reason for the non-deduction.

There is an exception; for Personal Service Companies (PSCs), that is, a tiny limited company set up by a single worker who owns most or all of the shares, these rules will only apply if all four of the following conditions are met:

  • The worker personally provides, or is personally involved in the provision of, services to the end user, and receives remuneration for it.
  • That remuneration does not constitute employment income, apart from under the agency legislation.
  • There is a formal contract between the PSC and the end user.
  • The worker is supervised in the provision of their services.

How to strike the right vocal chords in a job interview

Posted Date: 04/02/15 15:47

Way before we learned to speak, human beings found ways of communicating with each other. Even now that we have exquisite and complex language skills, we still trust what we see and sense more than the words themselves; no one believes a person who insists “I’m fine” whilst avoiding eye contact and folding their arms.

Long term vision needed to solve skills shortage

Posted Date: 02/02/15 10:37

‘Skills, skills, skills’ – or rather the lack of them – remains the burning issue from 2014 that is set to continue causing challenges for employers in the year ahead.

Although the economy is slowly growing, predictions are that across the board in 2015 industries will experience an all-too-familiar reaction of turning on the ‘pilot light’ to recruit positions quickly in line with expansion, but at what cost?

The world's got talent; Tim Donaghy considers how to create recruiting success both at home and away

Posted Date: 28/01/15 12:23

The verdict appears to be in: 2015 is set to see a return of pre-recession ‘talent wars’ as we head into a so-called ‘candidate’s market’.

Attracting the right talent is increasingly becoming recognised as the most important aspect of ensuring competitiveness and nowhere is this more apparent or necessary than in organisations trading internationally.

Employment Law 2015; might you be affected?

Posted Date: 21/01/15 11:12

Employers and employees alike will need to familiarise themselves with the changes which will come into effect in April this year. We have highlighted some of the major changes, so take a look and see what applies to you!

Are you, or are you about to be, a parent?

Sustainability, flexibility and vigour; the pieces of the productivity puzzle?

Posted Date: 15/01/15 14:33

Looking back…

2014 was the year of resilient businesses, flexible working and the fall of unemployment. Although 2014 didn’t show the fastest growth since the recession, UK PLC demonstrated the most optimistic hiring in Europe. The CIPD found that each low-skilled vacancy attracted 50 applicants on average and each high-skilled vacancy attracted over 20. More importantly, 40% of these applicants were appropriate for the role; signs of a healthy labour market.

New Year’s evolution: how to better yourself in 2015

Posted Date: 07/01/15 15:35

The holidays have passed and we have reached that time of year when everybody discusses their New Year’s resolutions. Whilst goals such as quitting smoking or ‘getting fit’ are positive ideals, the majority fall short. This year, why not also pursue an endeavour focused around your work? Below are four things to consider for 2015…

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