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Employment Law 2015; might you be affected?

Posted Date: 21/01/15 11:12

Employers and employees alike will need to familiarise themselves with the changes which will come into effect in April this year. We have highlighted some of the major changes, so take a look and see what applies to you!

Are you, or are you about to be, a parent?

Sustainability, flexibility and vigour; the pieces of the productivity puzzle?

Posted Date: 15/01/15 14:33

Looking back…

2014 was the year of resilient businesses, flexible working and the fall of unemployment. Although 2014 didn’t show the fastest growth since the recession, UK PLC demonstrated the most optimistic hiring in Europe. The CIPD found that each low-skilled vacancy attracted 50 applicants on average and each high-skilled vacancy attracted over 20. More importantly, 40% of these applicants were appropriate for the role; signs of a healthy labour market.

New Year’s evolution: how to better yourself in 2015

Posted Date: 07/01/15 15:35

The holidays have passed and we have reached that time of year when everybody discusses their New Year’s resolutions. Whilst goals such as quitting smoking or ‘getting fit’ are positive ideals, the majority fall short. This year, why not also pursue an endeavour focused around your work? Below are four things to consider for 2015…

8 Hints & Tips for the Jobseeker of 2015

Posted Date: 23/12/14 10:02

How do you make sure 2015 is your best year yet? When you make your New Year’s Resolutions, think about these simple tips to give yourself the best chance possible, whatever stage of the recruitment process you are at.

Stay positive - Job Searching

  1. If grammar and formatting aren’t your strong suit, get a few friends to help you with your CV. 65% of employers said that poor spelling and grammar is the most likely reason for them to bin a CV. You can’t fall at the first hurdle; it’s too small!
  1. Updating your skills is a great way to make yourself more valuable on the job market. There are many free and online courses you can take, where you can practice your professional skills in a safe place. This extra training will help convince a potential employer that you are driven and committed, as well as having tangible, relevant skills. Here are some easy ways to upskill in your spare time.
  1. If you have a good relationship with a previous employer, arrange to meet up for a chat about your options. If they don’t know of a vacancy that suits you, they can surely put you in touch with valuable people in the industry.

New Year’s Resolution; three easy ways to upskill yourself outside of work

Posted Date: 18/12/14 09:23

A skills gap is set to rear its ugly head next year, but some employers are still reluctant to train their staff. This may be because they are afraid that employees will move on and take their skills to another employer (or worse a competitor), but according to research, they shouldn’t be so worried. 57% of ‘upskillers’ develop themselves in the hope that they may get promoted with their current employer. As we approach 2015, we’ve decided to put together a few ideas for how you can develop your own career and skillset to make yourself especially valuable in the New Year.

Here’s how to make sure you are part of the 66% of UK employees who are seeking additional education or training outside the workplace. Below are three of the top skills globally recognised as needing development in the workplace, and ways in which you can easily improve them without significantly eating into your spare time:

Life-Work balance; employers and employees need to get their priorities straight

Posted Date: 16/12/14 09:57

“Once upon a time, work took place outside of the home during designated hours. Today, that world is a fairy tale” Ron Friedman, CNN

Work-life balance is a topic consistently dividing opinions. With developments such as UK flexible working laws, Germany’s proposed anti-stress legislation and findings regarding work related mental health issues, it has never been more important. 39% of 2013-14 work related illnesses were caused by work stress, depression or anxiety and over 40% of employees neglected other aspects of their life. Whilst an employee issue, employers need to increase their understanding and realise that an effective leadership response could be hugely beneficial.

Market confidence for 2015 as apprenticeships grow

Posted Date: 11/12/14 12:17

Since the release of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, UK PLC has breathed easy with the prospect that the British economy is set to grow by 3% in 2015, much higher than previously predicted (+2.4%). As we continue to climb out of recession we have come to expect impressive growth in the UK economy, but not quite on this scale! In October, unemployment fell below the two million mark for the first time since the financial crisis, with a record 30.8 million people in work.

Despite this growth, there has been a sudden loss of momentum for contract roles. According to APSCo, the temporary jobs market had slowed recently, although permanent jobs are still strong (driven mostly by growth in Engineering and IT). This growth in the IT sector has been profound, and probably largely due to the ‘app economy’; developers and programmers in particular are in high demand. Another major factor pushing this growth is the threat of cyber-attacks on businesses and their data, which, though awful, does offer the IT industry a silver lining; a huge number of jobs have been created to combat hacking.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes; a jobseeker's guide to interview body language

Posted Date: 01/12/14 10:11

As an introduction to our upcoming guide for jobseekers on interview body language, we have explored the basics of what you can do to ensure your body is telling the right story.

Simply seeking superlatives? Try less and achieve better customer service.

Posted Date: 20/11/14 15:41

What a customer wants is very simple; their query or issue resolved as quickly and easily as possible, with minimal effort on their part. But with 77% of organisations reporting that their customers’ issues are resolved in one go, and just 40% of their customers reporting the same, it is clear that something is missing. A CEB study entitled ‘Blinded by Delight; Why Service Fails and How to Fix It’ identified two key attitudes which, though unusual, ought to be prioritised over the status quo if businesses’ positive perceptions of good service and their customers’ actual experiences are to match:

1. Customers are far more likely to penalise a company for poor behaviour than praise it for good behaviour.

UK workers are ‘taking possession of their lives’ as unemployment falls and salaries rise

Posted Date: 14/11/14 09:24

Despite ‘the spectre of economic stagnation’ haunting Europe, the UK now has one of the fastest growing and stable economies in the world. Unemployment rates have fallen to an almost six-year low, with a record 30.8 million Britons now in work; that’s 694,000 more than this time last year.

Salaries have continued to rise over the last few months, although the rate of salary growth has slowed to its lowest pace since records began in 2001. However, now that the growth in average pay for UK workers has overtaken inflation for the first time in five years, our economy has earned itself an enormous silver lining. Governor of The Bank of England Mark Carney said the UK was witnessing “the start of real pay growth”, and permanent and contract workers alike should be very encouraged by the recent figures.

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