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The ‘vacancy vacuum’; June 2014’s Labour Market Statistics

Posted Date: 16/07/14 10:23

The latest conclusions drawn by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in June 2014 paint a darker picture for the recruitment industry than those of May. Permanent candidate availability has plummeted to its lowest point in 17 years. Employers are responding accordingly to this and to competitive pressures by raising starting salaries at a survey record rate. This is good news for the few candidates who are actually in a position to take a new job, but presents new challenges for recruiters.

Our Reaction to May 2014's Labour Market Statistics

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Posted Date: 17/06/14 16:59

As ever, the latest labour market findings from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) offer good and bad news. Employment figures are steadily improving since the recession, but in the volatile stages of recovery not even the bulls are counting their chickens. May showed the steepest drop in permanent staff availability since November 1997, forcing all other metrics swiftly and markedly upwards.

Those who should welcome these statistics are job seekers, providing that they can distinguish themselves from the crowd in the competition for almost 200,000 new full-time jobs created in the last quarter. Young job seekers and graduates in particular have cause to be much more optimistic than they were in previous markets; this increase may, according to Gerwyn Davies, the CIPD’s Labour Market Adviser, be due to ‘growth in formal training schemes’ and the proliferate trend in employers to pay attention to their future talent pipeline and their desire to nurture home-grown talent. This is reflected in the metrics; the unemployment rate for 16 to 24 year olds has decreased by 1.3%, to 18.5%, continuing a trend from previous years (it decreased by 2% from 2012—2013). Thankfully this decrease is proving to be consistent, but it must be understood in context; whilst it is an impressive improvement from the all time high of 21.9%, when youth unemployment reached a shocking one million in the UK in November 2011, 18.5% is still much too far from zero for us to get comfortable.

Retrospective Talent Management; Learning from Leaving Jobs

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Posted Date: 30/05/14 15:23

How to attract and retain a strong pipeline of talent is one of the greatest challenges facing employers today. It is inevitable that employees will become more receptive to offers from other companies as confidence in the jobs market grows. The ‘the war for talent’ is forcing employers to have appropriate talent management strategies in place to ensure they are a more desirable proposition than their competitors.

Better financial rewards are not enough. Organisations need to find more creative ways to engage and motivate their existing employees and attract new talent. To do so, businesses need to understand what drives candidates to look for new opportunities. They also need to know what makes them remain loyal to organisations. These factors must feed into their talent attraction and talent management strategies.

How to Conduct an Interview; A Guide for Hiring Managers

Posted Date: 30/05/14 13:36

Although an often nerve-wracking experience, we tend to know what to expect from an interview when we’re the applying for a job, but what happens when we have to take on the role of Hiring Manager and conduct it ourselves?

It’s easy to forget that the interview remains just one cog – albeit an important one – in the process of getting new talent on board. Candidates are quite within their right to turn down a job if they’re offered one, so their experience must demonstrate that they’ve made the right choice in applying to work at your organisation.

It's always useful to see things from the other side of the interview table. See what your candidates are reading: 10 Secrets to Interview Preparation Success

MD of Resource Solutions Group (RSG) Re-elected into APSCo Representative Committee

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Posted Date: 25/03/14 13:48

We are delighted to announce that Nick Walrond, Managing Director, RSG (Sanderson's Group Company), has been re-elected into the APSCo Representative  Committee to serve for the next two years.  APSCo is the only trade body dedicated to representing the interests of the UK Professional Staffing industry and continuously raising the industry profile.
RSG has been working closely with APSCo for a number of years, having been heavily involved in shaping the strategy and direction of the trade association and playing a vital part in its future. 

Resource Management becomes Headline Sponsor of Major Recruiting Event

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Posted Date: 28/02/14 11:57

Resource Management, Sanderson's sister recruitment company, has become the headline sponsor of The CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards - one of the major events in the HR Community providing reward and recognition for excellence and professionalism in recruitment marketing and talent management.

CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2014 headline sponsor resource management

Hidden IT Talent: 5 Ways IT Hiring Managers Can Find It

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Posted Date: 25/02/14 11:37

hidden IT talent hiring managers sourcing job vacancies apply

Creating Stand Out CVs with Sumry

Posted In: Career Tips

Posted Date: 06/02/14 15:52

By Cassie Lockyer

Contractor Daily Rates to Plateau in 2014

Posted In: Business Transformation

Posted Date: 06/02/14 10:53

According to more than 60% of Business Change professionals responsible for resourcing projects in the UK and surveyed by Sanderson, the daily rates of Contractors are to remain unchanged for the next 12 months. With 64% of the participants representing the Financial Services sector, the survey, which aimed to illuminate current trends in Business Change and Transformation Recruitment, also gained insights from the Technology, Retail & Consumer, Engineering & Construction and Telecommunication industries. The size of the Business Change functions of each business varied greatly from just 3 people to over 400. 

Sanderson's Parent Company Becomes a Corporate Member of APM

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Posted Date: 09/01/14 11:41

RSG, Sanderson's Group company, has recently become a corporate member of APM (Association for Project Management) - the largest independent professional body of its kind in Europe with over 15,000 individual and 400 corporate members worldwide, promoting project management throughout the world across all industry sectors.

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